Feb 26, 2012

Profi Blogger Template

Profi Template is a two column blogger template with sidebar to its right and post section to left.
The design is simple and looks very neat and clean with very beautiful background. Specificity about design is that it is image less design except background image. Top menu links are also there. Every feature is supported and SEO for title has already been done in it.
So waiting for what? just download it and start using it on your blog.

Features: 2 columns, right sidebar, read more ready, search box in navigation page ,popular posts, profile, widgets ready, breadcrumb installed...

If you don't know how to install, please read this article > How to install a blogger template


I Hope you like, and if you have some problem, or wish to talk something, please leave a comment.

Feb 4, 2012

Buzios Blogger Template

It's ready my first template before a brief explanation about what's a Buzios.
"Armação dos Búzios, often referred to as just Búzios, is a resort town and a municipality located in the state of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil. Its population was 24,500 in 2007 and its area is 69 km².
The peninsula was popularized by legendary movie star Brigitte Bardot in the 1960s, and her statue sits along the main street of Búzios, the Rua das Pedras (Street of stones). Bardot had come to Rio de Janeiro with her Brazilian boyfriend but could not leave his apartment without being hounded by the paparazzi. The couple concocted a plan to keep the press away, and escaped to Buzios with the one photographer who was allowed to document their vacation. While she was there, Bardot reportedly fell in love with the town - so much that she stayed for months longer than she planned, and has since returned to vacation. The peninsula is a beach resort with an active nightlife and restaurants".Source and more info visit:  Wikipedia .
Inspired (not copied) in this site > Buzios On Line

Well, now you know some curiosity things.... Let's come down to!
Buzios is a blogger template 2 columns, with sidebar on right and 3 footer columns, horizontal menu, summarized posts, and this template, various details can be modified in Model Designer.
The header was split to insert the adsense banner 728x90.
The widget "Populat Posts" is in the color orange. And "About Me" is the color green (details what make this template more cute!)
If you don't know how to install, please read this article > How to install a blogger template

Login to your blogger dashboard > Template > Edit Html > Proceed > Setup ( <meta content= ).

Check expandable widgets:
Setup menu bar.
Setup section "SUBSCRIBE".

If you found any difficulty setting up your new template or any bug, please comment here.

Happy Blogging!